Links to download e-books :)

These are links which feature books that can be downloaded to be placed on e-readers such as a Nook, Kindle, i-Pad or simply to be read on your computer/laptop.

  1. Kalamullah.com
  2. IslamicBulletin.com
  3. Shia based texts regarding various topics
  4. Tafsir Ibn Kathir/Quran

If you have more links to e-books people can benefit from that you would like to share please send them in.

*Also please do not send messages asking why a link to Shia texts are featured, some people may be looking to read up on Shia-Islam out of curiosity/interest.

InshAllah you may receive some benefit from any of these links that provide e-books, this list will be updated whenever a new link is found inshAllah so keep checking back :)