Subhanallah fills half the scales, Alhamdulillah fills it completely, and La Ilaha Illallah and Allahu Akbar fills what is between the heavens and the earth.

Amirul Mo’minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع) Odattol Daee p. 358 (via shiaislam)

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Don’t insult yourself by envying others.

— Sh. Omar Suleiman (via beautifulsabr)

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Content yourself with those who pray to their Lord morning and evening, seeking His approval, and do not let your eyes turn away from them out of desire for the attractions of this worldly life: do not yield to those whose hearts We have made heedless of Our Quran, those who follow their own low desires, those whose ways are unbridled.

— Sūrat al-Kahf, verse 28 (via pearlsfromthepath)

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A dua for the broken hearted


Allah, I ask that you protect my heart from becoming bitter, cold, and chronically disappointed. Replace my fears & hesitation with optimism &  hope that someday I will become whole again.

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When you lose your wudhu on the tashahhud of the final rakah 

so truee loool!!



When you lose your wudhu on the tashahhud of the final rakah 

so truee loool!!

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Scary thought of the day:

What if the majority of, or even ALL, of your salats are not accepted?

Fear personified.

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اللهم توفنى و انت راض عنى

Allahumma tawafanee wa anta radhin ‘anee.

ya Allah, cause me to die in such a state that You are pleased with me.

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Attention Muslim Men:

If I could please just grab your attention for a moment.

It’s my final year at university and I’m conducting my dissertation research study on the relationship between religious attitudes and happiness amongst Raised Muslims and Revert Muslims. I would be very grateful if you could possibly take 5-10 minutes out of your time to participate in my research study. 

I would appreciate if only Muslim men would complete my questionnaire (both Raised or Revert). This is due to the high volume of Muslim female data I have already collected. Also, you must be 20 years or older.

»Here« is a link to the survey!
If you would like me to make a post regarding my dissertation topic, do let me know, although I feel that most of your questions would be answered at both the start and the end of the survey.
Every little helps so would you please help me by sharing this link with everyone you know and reblogging this post.
Thank you so, so much for your time and patience, your help honestly means the world to me!
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He says: I’m Muslim.
As he brings the double shot of rum to his lips.
I imagine the way it burns as it slides down his throat.
He winces, then smashes the glass against table.
Everyone turns and cheers,
then they go back to their conversations.
He says it again — I swear.
I say: I know.
He looks at me with sad eyes.
Wallahi - he says,
still trying to convince me.
I say: I know.
I watch his eyes turn to glass as he downs another.
I swear I am Muslim - he slurs
I say: I know.
No— he says— you’re judging me, look
and he holds his hands over his ears and he begins to recite.
And I put my hand over his as people begin to stare.
And I say: I know.
And he begins to cry, and his tears look ancient, and his face contorts, and his mouth is open but there is no sound, and his body shudders.
And he tries again and again, never getting past Bismillah.
He keeps on saying “No you don’t understand I am Muslim, I am Muslim, I am Muslim, I am Muslim”
I know, I say.
And he holds the bottle to his mouth and he almost swallows it whole, and he says “marry me Aasiyah, I am a good man, my father is a hafiz of Quran,
it is just this Dunya, it is this world that has killed me”
I know, I say
I know.

Key Ballah, an encounter. (via keywrites)


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A robber stole Umar Ibn Al-Khattab’s turban in the marketplace and ran. Umar ran after him shouting

'I bear witness to Allah that I have given it to you, so say “I accept it” so that the Hellfire does not touch you!'

can i just say that i love this man with all my heart and soul

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I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in You.

Rumi  (via hannahsofia)

Ya Rab

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وَمَا تَنقِمُ مِنَّا إِلَّا أَنْ آمَنَّا بِآيَاتِ رَبِّنَا لَمَّا جَاءَتْنَا ۚ رَبَّنَا أَفْرِغْ عَلَيْنَا صَبْرًا وَتَوَفَّنَا مُسْلِمِينَ

And you do not resent us except because we believed in the signs of our Lord when they came to us. Our Lord, pour upon us patience and let us die as Muslims [in submission to You].

- Surah al-araf [7:126]

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9 Practical Tips on Giving Da’wah. Full article:

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