I pray that the brothers and sisters who passed away in Nigeria are in a better place. I can’t believe this is still happening, but don’t worry Allah Subantala will handle these unjust organizations.  Extremists think they are doing us a favor…do us a favor and stop attacking and killing our loved ones.  Islam never condones violence and never will.  When you look at the Muslim countries it’s about standing up together against oppression and hurting others.  Think about the day of Judgement when you stand in front of the Almighty and answer his questions.  Let’s pray for those who were affected in this attack and other hate crime’s.  Peace and blessings to all my brothers and sisters.  Love you all for the sake of Allah. 

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"God’s greatness extends to even those who deny him" - Hamza Yusuf

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   I find it absolutely mesmerizing when brothers and sisters unite together and pray together..seriously not only for Jummah but anywhere. I love that comfort that no matter what our race, or social status is that we pray to the Almighty.  It’s just a reminder that we are here for a bigger purpose and we support each other in the end.  We are one and will continue to unite around the world.  Another great feeling is when you read a Surah from the Quran and you think about there has to be someone else somewhere else that is reading the same Surah or even same verse.  Peace and blessings to all the brothers and sisters around the world. I seriously love all of you for the sake of Allah Subantala.

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Please keep brother Maurice in your dua. His story of Islam, though short, is one that could change our lives if we simply ponder on what the lessons are behind it. May Allah accept him into the highest place in Jannah with ease and through His Mercy, and may He let him increase in his reward through being an inspiration to the Ummah. Ameen.


Please keep brother Maurice in your dua. His story of Islam, though short, is one that could change our lives if we simply ponder on what the lessons are behind it. May Allah accept him into the highest place in Jannah with ease and through His Mercy, and may He let him increase in his reward through being an inspiration to the Ummah. Ameen.

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Explore your heart and mind for something to be passionate about. Then, without expectation of anything in return, go out there and do something to pursue and share your passion with others. Allah will handle the rest.
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Anonymous: Salams brother,how do you know if you're suffering from depression? Lately, I've been feeling very low- the past keeps haunting me and I feel sick in the stomach. I usually talk about my problems with my friends,but I just can't be bothered anymore. In a day I would feel normal but then I would just get so sad. I keep praying, making dua, going lectures and read Quran- because maybe it's my imaan. But this sadness feels different. I just can't explain this :(. Jazakullah


Wa alaikum assalaam,

To be completely honest, because I am not a medical professional, I can’t really say whether or not you have depression, or even tell you how to know if you have depression. I would suggest you speak to a psychologist about it. Be careful, as it’s common to have prescriptions for anti-depressants handed out on a whim. (I speak from my own experiences where I was prescribed medication, when really, I just needed to make a few changes in my life to bring about some clarity and calm to my overwhelm.) Depression is a serious mental health issue and should be recognized as being different than just simply being sad.

What I would suggest is to look at your life and determine if there are any particular things that trigger your sadness. Seek out the medical counsel I suggested above, keep up with your prayers (try waking up for Tahajjud to ask Allah for help as well), and try to remove or adjust the things in your life that may be making you unhappy, while also adding things to your life that bring about change, excitement, and new experiences (within the bounds of Islam, of course). This is what I personally did, and often do, when I have times similar to what you’ve described.

You’re not alone in this struggle, and are one of many who experience and overcome this every day. Don’t lose faith in yourself or Allah, and do not focus on placing blame on any person or aspect in your life, including yourself or your Imaan. Instead, address the issue and try to make changes. Remember, Allah does not burden us with more than we can bear (Quran 2:286), so trust in Him throughout this process and throughout the rest of your life, and you’ll be okay, insha Allah.

I hope this answers your question, or was to some degree of help. If you’d like to discuss things further or in more detail, or would like to work one-on-one on working through the things you’ve got going on in your life, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and we can set up a session time to talk over Skype. I wish you all the best, and pray that Allah grants you ease and purification through this ordeal. May you find the path towards the heights of happiness and success in this life and the Hereafter, and may your journey be one of ease and growth. Ameen. Take care.

Wassalaamu alaikum,

- Nadir Keval (www.nadirkeval.com)

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It’s common to look at those who we consider successful and wonder, “What about me?” Instead of doing that, look at those people, smile, make a prayer that they reach higher successes, and then go out there and get your own piece of the pie! The success of others is something they have gained through the Mercy of God, hard work, and commitment to their goals and dreams. Take those three ingredients and make your own success, because even though the success of others may seem great, that success isn’t ours. If it were ours, we would have it. We don’t know the struggles and tests that come with a person’s success, so instead of blindly wishing for someone else’s happiness, create your own.
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        Just wanted to send out peace and blessings among The Beauty of Islam Tumblr family. May Allah Subantala bless everyone and forgive all of us for our sins. May Allah Subantala gave the highest rankings in Jannah for our parents and loved ones. Life can get hard but keep faith alive :). Follow Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Keep with content and remember Allah Subantala is always with us. Turn to the creator. 

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Sometimes, through solitude, you find reconnect with the greatest companionship: you and God.
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How I Came Back to Islam - Nouman Ali Khan

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Is it Really Allah - Yasmin Mogahed

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    Assalalikum brothers and sisters,

                        I’m happy to announce two different news items! First, I wrote a blog about Emaan, a 5 year old girl who was diagnosed with cancer. I’m glad to announce that Allah Subantala relieved her from her cancer and she passed all the tests today! May Allah Subantala bless everyone for their prayers and blessings. Secondly, my grandpa passed his citizenship interview! I couldn’t be happier that he’s an American citizen. Even Barack Obama had a video to congratulate the interviewees! (it was a video lol). Anyways, I wanted to send out my prayers to families who lost loved ones on the Malaysian flight. I know they are in a better place. It just shows that death is very close to all of us. Let’s keep doing good deeds before we are returned to the Almighty.  Peace and blessings to the Islam community on Tumblr. Keep striving to be successful in this life and the hereafter. Salam!

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That Feeling.

    Assalamalikum brothers and sisters,

                I just wanted to share such an amazing feeling I had yesterday morning.  I was waking up when I heard my grandpa upstairs reciting the Quran.  I literally was about to get out of my bed when I just wanted to sit there and listen to him recite.  My heart felt at peace. If anyone else has that experience please share! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Peace and blessings to you and your families.  Have a wonderful day.

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Stop worrying about how to start or where to start. Instead, just start. There is no such thing as perfect timing, because everything in life, be it seemingly good or bad, only happens when and how it’s meant to and is best for you. What you can do is simply start, and never give up or look back. Life has its way of making you by breaking you, and it is THAT, by the Mercy of God, that creates the unique version of perfection that is you.
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It’s not about being skinny or fat. It’s about being fit, healthy, and happy. It’s not about making others approve of you. It’s about wanting the best for yourself.
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